Appointments Now Open :: Instruction & Mentoring

With the start of the new year I have had some changes occur that provide me with a more open schedule. With this adjustment, I am now offering appointment bookings in person (plein air) or via zoom (studio) with booking dates starting Feb 12th, 2022. Appointments can be made in as little as three days in advance or as far ahead as two months, with no cancellation fees. To kick it off, what I am offering is: 1 on 1 Painting Instruction over Zoom :: [...]

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Patreon Launch :: For Those Looking for Art Instruction and Mentoring

On advice from others I took the plunge into PATREON! With everyone more comfortable with interacting online it seems like the perfect time. If you are looking to improve your painting through videos, group or personal Zoom critique/mentoring sessions please consider becoming a Patron. For me, Patreon is a better way to manage teaching & mentoring others while creating art instructional videos for YouTube or exclusively for Patreon Members. For you, Patreon is a easy way to join the community by just paying a few [...]

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Fundamentals of Painting Dynamic Skies :: Free Zoom Demo

I will be giving a demo covering the Fundamentals of Painting Dynamic Skies via Zoom, hosted by Opus Art Supplies on Sunday, Feb 28th at 11am PST. Best of all, it's FREE. We'll start with a simple blue sky  and progress into more complex colorful sunsets with clouds. Demo Description: "Join painter and art instructor Michael King for an overview of the fundamental aspects of painting dynamic skies in oils! This demo shows how easy it is to paint interesting skies using two main principles [...]

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Still Life Video Series

Over the last few months I put together six Still Life Painting videos and have posted them to YouTube. In each, I narrate throughout, discussing my painting process and how I see value & colour temperature in the objects. If you enjoy still life painting and want to get better or are just wondering how to start still life painting, any of these should provide tidbits of information to move forward with. If you find you have questions, leave a comment on this page or [...]

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Painting Technique :: How to Paint Looser

When talking to other artists and students I often hear that they want to paint looser but do not know the painting technique. I know the feeling; I started out painting realistically and strove to become more loose and impressionistic. There is a trove of information one has to learn and grasp to round out your ability to paint more impressionisticly. However, if there isn't an understanding of where to start then it makes it even more difficult. A simple painting technique to start you [...]

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Still Life Candy Apple Painting

Still life painting is so diverse. It can narrate a story of objects or take you closer into an objects world. Every since I stared painting with pastels so long ago I have enjoyed painting candy apples. I took a large amount of reference photos years ago that I still use today for when I have the itch to paint another. This painting is 4x4" painting on a 5x5" square of Arches Oil Paper which comes in large sheets or blocks of 9x12" or 12x16". [...]

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