Tailored for individuals and small gatherings, whether conducted in-person or online, these constructive evaluations aim to ignite inspiration and offer valuable insights. The conversations delve into a wide spectrum of elements such as composition, design, focal points, guiding lines, values, colors, and more. Essentially, the goal is to explore every avenue that can contribute to enhancing the artwork.

One-Off Session for Individuals or Groups


Reach out to me personally, and we can coordinate a convenient date and time. It is important that you gather 5-10 of your paintings, which we can then review together at my studio in New Westminster. And if you’re a group of three or more, no worries—I’ll happily come to your location so we can enjoy an insightful in-person critique of everyone’s artwork.


Get in touch with me directly so we can coordinate a convenient date and time. It is important that you gather 5-10 images of your paintings for us to review together over Zoom. I can’t wait to dive into your artwork and have a creative conversation!

Pricing: $50/half hour or $80/full hour

For individuals, I recommend a full hour to get the most out of the Critique. For groups, I recommend at least 30 minutes per person in the group, with a two-hour minimum.

For Individuals on an Ongoing Basis (Best Value)


For artists looking for the best value, I recommend joining my artist educational portal, artful:minds, as a Critique Member. This membership will get you two full critiques per month as well as access to additional information you may find useful.

All critiques are done online over Zoom with the aid of photo-editing software to show you the impact of the talking points.

Pricing: $25/mo or $250/year


I’m SO glad I took Michael’s Painting Loosely workshop – what an exceptional teacher! The demonstrations and exercises were great, and I especially appreciated Michael’s gentle but effective way of giving feedback and guidance. I feel my painting has moved to a new level and I’m thrilled with all I learned – a 100% positive experience. I whole-heartedly recommend Michael as a teacher and mentor.

Celeste Roberts
[I] Totally enjoyed Michael’s Plein air workshop. I appreciated his structured approach to composition planning, simplifying values, and triad colour harmony.

Bryn Watkins

Michael is an excellent teacher. Articulate, and generous with his knowledge.

Sheree Jones, Sherre Jones Art

Michael’s workshop taught me tools to take my painting to a place I did not know how to get to on my own and, how to approach the process more effectively. I plan to take more


Michael is a great teacher, friendly yet professional. He is organized and focused in his teaching which I greatly appreciated. Highly recommend Michael’s workshops.

Richard McMillan

I loved being a student of Michael Kings. I have taken both workshops and private lessons with him. I always learn something when I am out painting with Michael.

He knows his stuff. He loves art, is fun to work with and because he walks the walk of being an artist himself, he’s been there and he understands that there is a process that we all have to go through as we work on developing our own unique style. As a teacher he helps guide you gently through this process in a fun, knowledge based, positive way. He has a great teaching style.

I have many stories about the fun adventures we had out plein air painting together, but the one that I tell most often is when we were out in a farmer’s field and got sprayed with manure. Oh the joys of plein air painting.

MarryAnn Burrows

It’s great dealing with a true professional! Thank you.

Bonita Ruttkay , RAG Demo Coordinator

I thoroughly enjoyed the Michael’s plein air painting workshop. He created a relaxed atmosphere while providing challenging exercises and individualized coaching through out the 2 days. I came away with a better understanding of the principles of composition and colour and how to apply them. Michael was organized and provided us with easy to follow directions to our outdoor painting locations.

Sandra B

Michael is enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable.

Classes were well planned and often supplemented with “hand outs” or information on great web sites to explore. His demonstration paintings were detailed yet simply presented and easy to understand.

He gave a lot of individual help to everyone and was able to offer suggestions to improve your painting, many of which can be applied to all my painting projects.

Sue Aspinall

I think this plein air work shop was one of the bests I have ever attended. Michael is a fantastic teacher and a nice person to spend time with, very knowledgeable and informative.

Marius Rusu

I’m so excited to have attended the plein air workshop last weekend. Michael did great demo and showed wonderful techniques in problem solving and color decisions. My mind was blown away with the subtle color temperature shift. I feel I’m ready to push my paintings to the next level after just two days learning with Michael. Thank you so much!

I learned more in an hour than I have in two years.

Barbara Van Oss

I just had a very enjoyable weekend workshop. Michael’s color theory knowledge is extensive, and he really helped me to view composition on a new level. His teaching style is very accommodating to each individual. It was well worth it, and it was fun!

Linda C MacBeth

Please call 604.561.5998 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.