Painting Commissions

The Process

The painting commission process is quite simple and it is best we talk directly to discuss content, sizing and scheduling.

General Information

Commission are painted in oil paint on either canvas or board and are painted in my style. Smaller paintings hold up better on board, while larger pieces are better suited for canvas.

Due to the nature of which oil paint dries, oxidation, it can take up to three weeks before a painting is touch dry and can be shipped. Expect a commissioned work to be touch dry and ready for framing within two to three months from the start of the painting. Ideally, after six months the painting should be returned or taken to a local professional for varnishing.


Pricing is variable due to the variety of size options. It would be best to contact me directly to discuss costs.

Framing, shipping costs and travel expenses are in addition to the price of the painting.


All initial consultations to discuss the commission are free. After which, a payment of 50% of the agreed price is required to proceed. This payment is non-refundable in order to compensate for materials and my time as I start the painting. The remaining balance is paid upon completion of the painting.


Call (604) 561-5998 or email me directly to explore how I can help you capture those once in a lifetime moments that are worth remembering for years to come.

   – Michael

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