For my holidays back in July I spent a week in Osoyoos with the family. If you have never been to Osoyoos I highly recommend it as a place to visit; it is a mix of small town charm surrounded by landscape that gives you the feeling of living in the wild west. It is too unique to describe and best discovered in person.

Since the rest of the family enjoys sleeping in, I planned on painting in the early mornings when the sun was just coming over the southern peaks. I also wanted to challenge myself, so I primed an 18×36″ board to take with me. This size of painting would take a few sessions to complete as I could only paint for a couple of hours each morning before I lost that early light and shadow pattern.

The video below (or watch directly on my YouTube Channel) covers me painting for two hours each morning over four days to capture Osoyoos Lake and the surrounding mountains. I also narrate throughout to give you insight as to why I do certain things when I paint.