I wanted to record a full session of an impressionist still life painting to show how the painting process is anything but linear. Many times, even with knowing what direction you are going, you take one step forward and two or three back.

Believe it or not, this is a very normal process to painting. Ask any seasoned artist and they will say the same thing. Until you experience the organic process of painting, you think it is all accomplished in one fluid process from the top left to the bottom right, having objects appear as you move across the canvas or from the distance to foreground.

The still life painting is of a few objects I have around the studio from various trips to antique and thrift stores over the last few years with an added eucalyptus branch for the challenge. Interestingly, it is the old, worn pieces that are harder to paint than the newer items. Getting a weathered look is difficult.

The video was taken over a period of three days in five sitting. The video is sped up by 1500% so it fits within about 10 minutes of time. I narrate throughout the video to provide some insight into how I was working.

Please take the time to watch it through and if you found it enjoyable please share it with others. If you have a YouTube account, head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe.