Portrait Commissions

As an oil painter, I find the medium provides much more life and personalization than a photograph ever will. It is an object of close observation and attention to detail all while giving form with the placement of paint. Paint that has texture, luminosity and a richness not seen in any other medium.

Paintings, in a way, immortalize an individual by bringing their character to life through the brushstrokes, texture and colour of the oil paint.

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Upcoming Workshops

Artist Retreat

I have partnered with Lalita Hamill, a Langley artists, to offer a four day painting retreat at Wisteria Acres from July 10th to 13th, 2014. The acreage is just outside of Fort Langley, British Columbia situated high on the bluffs overlooking the historic town and the mighty Fraser River.

The area offers a cornucopia of locations to paint which we will be taking advantage of each day by painting on location in the morning and afternoon. For those looking for a real challenge, I’m willing to take participants out for some sunset and nocturnal plein air painting. :)

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Iam a dedicated oil painter with an associate membership in the Oil painters of America, an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.