LT Easel

My intention for a Plein Air easel was to have it extremely lightweight and portable.

The easel is made from aluminum, weighs 1.5 lbs (0.68kg) and is 24" long and will attach to any standard tripod. It will accommodate surfaces from 6" up to 24” high. The advantages of attaching it to a tripod are that the entire unit is extremely lightweight, the easel can be positioned at any angle from flat to tilting forward and the height is easily adjusted via the tripod so any painter will be comfortable working on it.

Add a 'rock bag' to the cross posts of the tripod and you have added stability on softer ground or windy days. I have had some initial interest so I sent design drawings off to a few manufacturers and am currently waiting to hear back from them regarding the cost. When I have a final price I will post it here (price will not include cost of tripod, applicable taxes or shipping). Any shipping will be from British Columbia, Canada.

If interested in purchasing one, please contact me I will put you on the easel contact list. (Not to worry, I'll only email you the info regarding the easel.) If I receive enough interest I will go ahead and have some fabricated.

**UPDATE**: Unfortunately, due to the low volume the cost would be prohibitive, even if manufactured off shore. Thanks to everyone for the interest thus far. I hope you find an alternative.  Myself? I am now using the Yellowstone Pochade box design by Ben Hagget from Alla Prima Pochade. I highly recommend these boxes to anyone looking to paint plein air. He is even up to customizing the various boxes to fit pastel sticks.


LT Easel FlatLT Easel Adjust Detail

LT Easel ForwardLT Easel Close Detail


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