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Workshop Information

I have a variety of art workshops that I am passionate about teaching with the goal of providing students the skills to take their work to the next level.

My process is to explain painting and design in a straightforward, no nonsense manner so students have a process to consistently follow and achieve success with.

I have two types of art workshops. Those that can be covered in approximately a three hour block and others that require two or three days.

I paint in oil but all the topics translate into acrylic,watercolor and pastel painting.

If you or your group are interested in in any of the below workshops, please contact me to discuss scheduling and cost.

Michael King art instructor
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3 Day Workshops

This workshop goes in depth on what makes up an amateur painting and how to break free from these habits.

Specific topics will include working with composition, shapes, values, edges, colour temperature, colour mixing,  brush techniques, standardizing your palette,and how to fix muddy or chalky colours.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos.

Using shapes, proportion, value, colour temperature and the understanding of what is beneath the skin is key to creating better portraits.

Specific topics include working with shapes, values, edges, colour temperature and brush techniques to take your portrait painting to the next level.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos.

If you have countless tubes of paint that you never use or are just starting out and are overwhelmed with all the colours available, this workshop is for you.

I cover, in detail, how to determine a colours value, the colour mixing of pigments, the importance of colour temperature and how to make the shifts, mixing realistic greens, how to mix neutral colours, the importance of standardizing your palette, and how to fix those muddy or chalky colours, plus much more.

Short Workshops

The world of constant comparison. Learn how to draw objects and scenes correctly the first time through observation and point referencing.

Supplies Needed: Sketch book and pencil,standard painting supplies plus paper and ref photos.

What is perspective and how does it work to influences buildings, people and any object in your scene? Instruction will include exactly why humans see perspective but often ignore it when trying to draw objects. Once the student understands what they see and why, drawing perspective becomes second nature.

Supplies Needed: Sketch book and pencil and/or standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos.

Beyond the basics… there are no rules. Using armatures and design to create better paintings.

Supplies Needed: Sketch book and pencil and standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos.

Do you know what colour your paints can create? Students learn how to mix the colours they need, shift colour mixtures from warm to cool to capture interest, keep greens realistic and how to isolate value in colour.  The majority of information is understanding how the various pigments reflect light and interact with each other. Once you learn this, colour mixing is easy.

Supplies Needed: A palette knife, brushes, canvas paper or similar,  and paint supplies.

Value is KING and colour is its servant. Learn how to see value in colour and understand that you do not have to match the colour in a scene or photo but the value.

Supplies Needed: Reference photos in colour and B&W, canvas or boards, brushes and paint supplies.

Learn how to break a scene into larger and smaller shapes and why this is important. In addition, students will learn how to  fill these shapes with the corresponding correct value & colour.

Supplies Needed: Photo references, sharpie marker, scissors, canvas or board, brushes and paint supplies.

Reviewing the four large planes of a landscapes that are needed to fully understand outdoor scenes while covering the effects of atmospheric perspective.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos of landscape scenes.

Looking at the principles of refraction and reflection while learning how to paint water and waves.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos of water (lake, river or surf).

The use of homeopathic white to make whites that vibrate with interest.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos of snow scenes.

Learning the principles of light reflection and refraction to paint anything transparent from clear to coloured glass.

Supplies Needed: Standard painting supplies plus canvas and ref photos.

A comprehensive workshop on the best way to photograph your art for accurate values and colours. Topics covered are cameras, camera settings, software to use and how to use it, colour correcting, saving and archiving.

Supplies Needed: Digital camera and one piece of artwork (no larger than 24″, no frames)