Advanced Colour Mixing Workshop

I have a new workshop coming up on April 8th & 9th covering Advanced Colour Mixing.

This is not your standard colour theory class. The aim of the course is to develop direct and practical ways of working with colour and thinking about colour and colour mixing.

Discover how to mix any colour you want by understanding the essential principles of paint pigments, value, temperature & chroma, while learning how to use the paint’s pigment bias to your advantage. This information is key to successful colour mixing and painting with more life and energy

At the end of the workshop you should be able to take away these experiences and apply them freely and with confidence in your own work.

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What you will gain

  • A fresh viewpoint on colour
  • Ability to mix colour confidently
  • A process to ensure you mix what you want
  • Realize the colour you need isn’t always the same as the colour you see
  • Learn to mix the colour you need the first time

Topics covered

  • Understanding pigments value, temperature, chroma and bias
  • How to shift colour in the direction you need
  • What paints you want on your palette depending on your style
  • And we will finish with a discussion on why matching colour does not matter
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