Abstract & Colour Mixing Demos :: June 4th

Save the date! Two painting demos, by donation, on June 4th at 100 Braid St Studios, #200-100 Braid Street, New Westminster. I have joined the 100 Braid Street Studio community in New Westminster along with [...]

Plein Air Demo :: Williams Park

I am hosting a plein air demo at Williams Park on May 7th from 10am to 12 noon for everyone that is interested. Come to learn more about painting outdoors, get useful tips on what [...]

Plein Air Season Inspirational Videos

With all the fantastic weather we are having it is safe to say plein air season has arrived. Being spring, the sun is still relatively low on the horizon as it travels through the sky [...]

Painting Technique :: How to Paint Looser

When talking to other artists and students I often hear that they want to paint looser but do not know the painting technique. I know the feeling; I started out painting realistically and strove to [...]

Still Life Candy Apple Painting

Still life painting is so diverse. It can narrate a story of objects or take you closer into an objects world. Every since I stared painting with pastels so long ago I have enjoyed painting [...]

Bottle Painting Still Life :: Olive Oil

I remember my first time painting a glass bottle with the seemingly impossible task of depicting the transparency and the endless shapes of reflections and inclusions. "Bottle Painting is overwhelming" was a common thought in [...]