Oil Painting Demo :: One painting with Many Lessons

This is an oil painting demo I recently painted for a group I regularly teach in Langley.

The focus of the demo was to how to see and paint the subtleties of colour reflection in the planes of an object depending on which way a plane faces. In other words, if the plane of an object is facing up, the colour of that plane will be influenced by the reflection of colour above it. This is easier to see on a white object, which made […]

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Plein Air in Minnekhada Regional Park

I was out today in Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam today with Denise Maxwell. We started painting around 12:30 and painted until about 3:00 with very consistent light during the three hours. It was a great day for painting

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Suzanne Anton Purchases Collaborative Painting

“Tranquil Pastures” is 24″ x 48″ acrylic on deep canvas  by Lalita Hamill and Michael King
The Attorney General of BC, Suzanne Anton, now owns “Tranquil Pastures” a painting that Lalita Hamill and myself co-painted during the 2012 Interior Design Show in Vancouver. It was purchased at auction during a fundraising gala on November 22nd.

While painting were perched on the back of a wobbly vintage pickup truck trying to make sure we didn’t fall off. With purple strobe lights gliding across the canvas, we aimed […]

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An Artists View of Port Coquitlam

Preparing for my upcoming group show is coming together nicely. We are finalizing details and putting the finishing touches on the various works.


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New Plein Air Friends

Last month I was in Ontario for my summer holidays and for some plein air painting. One week of which was at Sauble Beach, a small town on Lake Huron with a fantastic wet beach. If you love sandcastles, this beach is for you.

A couple of months before I arrived I contacted the local art group in the area – thanks to google – called Shoreline Artists to see if anyone would be interested in taking me to some great spots to paint plein […]

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Landscape Demo at Opus

I recently did a demo for Opus Langley on plein air landscape painting. I wanted to make sure everyone could take some bit of knowledge home so I decided to compress two days worth of information into a three hour demo. Not an easy task.

I covered the four planes of the landscape then discussed shapes, values, temperature and gradients. Notice how I never mentioned colour? Achieving the exact colour, to me, is as about as important as a knife at a gun fight. I just […]

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